Tuesday 6 September 2022

Road Controlling Authorities Forum

Planning for the future:  future infrastructure, emissions reduction and how you can benefit

Venue:  Wharewaka Function Centre, Wharf 2 Taranaki Street, Waterfront, Wellington 6011

Registration:  8:15 am

Note:  the content of this agenda will continue to be updated throughout the months of July and early August as speakers are confirmed.


ITEM 1 – 9:00 am 

Welcome and Introduction from the Chair

Steve Mutton


ITEM 2 – 9:15 am

Associate Minister (TBC)


ITEM 3 – 9:45 am

How do we deliver transport infrastructure for a better future – Infrastructure Commission 

Blake Lepper, Infrastructure Commission


10:15 am – MORNING TEA


ITEM 4 – 10:45 am

Panel – Responding to the Emission Reduction Plan 

Lisa Rossiter

Alan Pollard

Nick Leggett


ITEM 5 – 11:15 am

Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF 2022) – how do you get your cut of the $1.2B allocated to transport?


Lisa Rossiter


ITEM 6 –  11:45 am

Adaption plan and what this means for the road corridor

Dr Cathy Bebelman


12:15 pm – LUNCH


ITEM 7 -1:15 pm

Case study / round table – Speed management guide

Speaker – (TBC)


ITEM 8 – 2:00 pm

Shifting the dial on knowledge of underground assets – Wellington underground services

In the next decade and beyond, Wellington will spend billions of dollars on infrastructure improvements – much of which will require underground works. Like most cities in the world, records of our underground environment are poor. This inflicts massive inefficiencies, service strikes risk, cost and delays on the city, utilities and contractors working on these projects – because put simply, we can’t be sure of what we will find when we break ground.

It is our aspiration to move beyond multiple, disparate records dispersed across many organisations, towards a consolidated, shared and trusted view of the key aspects of what’s where in our underground landscape. Achieving this offers compelling potential benefits for all those working in or impacted by works in the subsurface environment. Improving our knowledge of Wellington’s subsurface infrastructure is an opportunity to begin a paradigm shift in efficiency for the city’s critical infrastructure – one which would be a gift to our future city and powerfully support the success of the Long Term Plan.

Siobhan Procter


ITEM 9 – 2:30 pm

Minister of Transport 

Hear from Hon Michael Wood on funding challenges, greenhouse gas emissions and inter-regional public transport.

Hon Michael Wood


ITEM 10 – 2:55 pm

Emerging leader 

What is Nelson doing to drive down emissions?

This session will highlight examples of work in Nelson to support the transition to a low emissions and climate resilient future. It will focus on projects to reduce emissions from transport, and opportunities that come from business, iwi and community partnerships.

Rachel Pemberton


ITEM 11 – 3:15 pm

Industry updates

Steve Mutton,

This session will cover updates on:

  • Bitumen supply
  • Speed Reviews
  • One Network Framework
  • Asset Management Data Standard
  • National Land Transport Fund spend
  • Road Efficiency Group
  • Questions from the floor


ITEM 12 – 3:30 pm


Steve Mutton,


ITEM 13 – 15:45 pm 

Annual General Meeting 


ITEM 14 – 4:15 pm

Networking session


CLOSE – 5.00 PM

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