The National Stock Effluent Working Group (NSEWG) was the first working group established by the RCA Forum in 1997. Its purpose was to bring together all the appropriate industry groups involved with the movement of stock. The objective was to develop practices and solutions to reduce the amount of effluent falling from stock trucks on to New Zealand roads. The Group concluded that it had finished its task in 2014. The mantra of the Group was:

“The discharge of stock effluent from trucks on roads is not “some-one else’s problem” – it is the responsibility of everybody involved to play their part.”

The group comprised representatives of Federated Farmers, the Meat Industry Association, the Road Transport Forum, the New Zealand Stock and Station Agents Association, New Zealand Transport Agency, road controlling authorities, regional councils, Automobile Association, Dairy New Zealand, Beef and Lamb NZ, the NZ MotorCycle Safety Council and the Ministries of Transport and Agriculture and Fisheries. The Group had an external facilitator, Fiona Knight.

NSEWG’s principal focus was to ensure there is a nation-wide network of effluent disposal facilities, both in-transit and at destination points in meatworks and saleyards. Read more.

The NSEWG released three publications:

The fully revised 4th edition of the Practical Guide to Providing Facilities for Stock Effluent Disposal from Trucks was released on 22 Oct. 2013 and replaced the 3rd edition released in 2005.

Current Topics

New Zealand-wide communications strategy to ensure that all parties understand and fulfil their roles. Read more.

Discharging effluent from trucks on to dairy farms has been proposed and a risk assessment has been prepared to identify the key issues involved. A fact sheet for farmers has also been prepared. Read more.

Mycofiltration or treatment of effluent using fungi on wood chips. US research suggests fungal cultivation in biofiltration systems could be effective in effluent treatment systems. Read research report.

Check-sheet for transporting stock: A one-page check-sheet has been prepared for the management and preparation of stock prior to, and during, transportation between farms or from farms to sale yards, meat processors or wintering pasture. This initiative to support the responsible transport of livestock has been supported by the Meat Industries Association of New Zealand, Fonterra, DairyNZ, the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, Federated Farmers of New Zealand, the Stock and Station Industry, the road transport sector, regional councils and road controlling authorities and corridor managers. The check-sheet can be downloaded here.