Thursday 21 April 2022

Three Waters, Local Government Reform, Resource Management Act and Impact on Roading

ZOOM WEBINAR –  Attendees will received a link following registration


ITEM 1 – 8.30am

Welcome and Introduction from the Chair


Steve Mutton


ITEM 2 – 8.40am

Three Waters

An overview of the three waters reform programme, the implementation plan and what impact this will have on council roads.


Marlon Bridge

Marlon Bridge’s Presentation


ITEM 3 – 9.20am

Local Government Reform

An update on local government reform objectives and timelines.


Susan Freeman-Greene


BREAK – 10.00


ITEM 4 – 10.10 am

Resource Management Act

The current state of the resource management act reform process and likely outcomes.


Lauren Semple

Lauren Semple’s Presentation


ITEM 5 – 10.50 am

Workforce Planning

A view on how to address the labour force shortages in the transport sector.

Alan Pollard

Debbie Kirby

Donna Mendjan

Alan Pollard’s Presentation

Debbie Kirby and Donna Mendjan’s Presentation


ITEM 6 – 11.30 am

Emerging Professional

Session Topic:  Burnout – Types and Remedies

Over the last couple of years there has been research conducted that has identified many workers are feeling burnt out as a result of their job demands. When people think of burnout, mental and emotional symptoms such as feeling of helplessness and cynicism often come to mind. But burnout can lead to physical symptoms as well and experts say it can be wise to look out for the signs and take steps when you notice them.

Kelsy Seyb

Kelsy Seyb’s Presentation


ITEM 6 – 11.45 am

Open floor for industry updates and Q&A

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