Stormwater issues

The need for an introduction to,and overview of, the many issues associated with stormwater led to the development of a resource that is accessible to people without specialist knowledge in this field, but able to provide a better understanding of the concepts and terminology involved.

This has been broken down into eight sections:

  • Section 1 provides a brief introduction and overview of the issue
  • Section 2 describes the Hydrological Cycle
  • Section 3 describes the effects of volume and velocity of run-off on streams

Section 4 describes the main contaminants in stormwater in three sub-sections:

  • Section 4.1 discusses sediment
  • Section 4.2 discusses the main contaminants in urban run-off
  • Section 4.3 discusses the effects of stormwater contaminants
  • Section 5 describes the fundamental processes and limitations of stormwater treatment

Section 6 describes treatment approaches in two sub-sections:

  • Section 6.1 discusses sedimentation treatment approaches
  • Section 6.2 lists and describes many of the other treatment approaches that are available
  • Section 7 provides further references on stormwater
  • Section 8 provides a glossary of the terms and acronyms frequently encountered.