Meetings and minutes

The Stormwater Group was established in 1996 to encourage and promote practical solutions to stormwater and road run-off management, by coordinating stormwater knowledge and making it available to practitioners. Its membership comprised local authorities, regional council representatives and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

The Stormwater Group last met on 9 November 2012 and has not reconvened. Members at that time were:

  • Jon Schwass, Napier City Council
  • Craig Redmond, New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Balt Gregorius, New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Nicci Wood, Wellington City Council
  • Hayley Vujcich, Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Laura Keown, Ministry of Transport
  • Wayne Newman, Administrator and convenor

In 2002 the Group brought together roading and stormwater managers and researchers to establish what the stormwater issues were. The evidence presented at this conference determined the work programme of the Group over the following half-decade. Following a survey and stocktake in 2006, a series of workshops was conducted throughout New Zealand in 2007 and 2008, and a special session on road run-off issues was chaired by the Group at the Stormwater 2009 conference.

The Group records its appreciation of the roles played by the late Alan Watton as its convenor from its inception to 2006 and by Graeme Tong of Palmerston North City Council as convenor from early 2007 to 2010, and to Fiona Knight as secretary from its inception to late 2008. It also records with thanks the contributions of Peter Bielby (Hamilton City Council), Gary Main (WBOP District Council), Peter Marks (Central Otago District Council), David Darwin (Wellington City Council), Ian McGowan (Wanganui District Council), Carolyn McCallig (NZTA), Peter Hambleton (NZTA), Peter Bailey (Porirua City Council), Joanna Towler (NZTA), Debbie Firestone (NZTA), Graeme Tong (Palmerston North City Council), Richard Green (NZTA), Carl Reller (NZTA), John Oldfield (Porirua City Council), Russell Hawkes (Southland District Council), Wendy Gaisford (MoT), Bruce Geden (GWRC), Hamish McGillivray (MfE), Ted Taylor (GWRC), Hayden Easton (ARC), Matthew Davis (ARC), Ross Nicholson (Horowhenua District Council), Melanie Hutton (MoT) and Amanda Moran (MfE).