May 2014

First forum 2014

The first forum of 2014 was held at Russeley Golf Club Function Centre, Christchurch and preceded by a study tour of the city rebuild.

Agenda with financial resolution noted


RCA Finance update

Item 1 – Research and Guidelines Group update

Item 2 – Christchurch 3 years on Michael Blyleven, CERA

Item 3 – Contracting alliances Greg Slaughter, SCIRT

Item 4 – Creating great journeys Ryan Cooney, Manager, CTOC

Item 5 – Government Policy statement 2015-18 Gareth Chaplin, MOT

Item 6 – Technical Audits Martin Taylor, Whataktane District Council

Item 7 – Road Efficiency Group Jim Harland NZ Transport Agency

Item 8 – Safe Speeds Consultation Jim Harland NZ Transport Agency

Item 9 – Saving Peripatis a joint DOC/NZTA conservation project

Item 11 – Glyphosate emerging issues Mike Parker, Foundation for Arable Research

Item 12a – Road Infrastructure Management Support Gordon Hart, NZ Transport Agency

Item 12b – Infrastructure Decision Support Gordon Hart, NZ Transport Agency

Item 13 – Contractors’ View Chris Olsen RNZ Malcolm Abernethy Contractors’ Federation

Item 14 – ACENZ the professionals’ view Shaun Hubbard, AECOM

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