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1 June 2017


Equitable funding of pavement maintenance on low volume roads (BERL)

The Impact of Heavy Vehicle Traffic on Road Pavements (GeoSolve)

The Impact of Land Use on Pavement Wear (TERNZ)

TERNZ Peer Review of Reports

Land Use and Transport Demand Comparison

The Impact of Heavy Vehicle Traffic on Road Pavements

Purpose and activities

The working group was established to address issues peculiar to low volume roads, to provide guidance on funding heavy vehicle impacts on them and to address the dust issue from them.  It is known as the Special Interest Group on Low Volume Roads (SIG-LVR).  It convenes three times a year and tries to hold monthly teleconference meetings to maintain momentum and receive reports from the separate work streams progressing the development of guidelines for low volume road asset managers.  See the Group’s terms of reference (also the scope and membership of the work streams).

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