Claire Pascoe

Lead Advisor Urban Mobility, NZTA

What you are working on and what your strongest driver is that pertains to the panel topic?

  • Capability building programme across the transport sector for planning, investing and delivering ‘multi-modal’ transport systems.
  • National ‘transition experiments’ working group, to help us try new things
  • Research on how to classify, measure and value the place function of roads, streets and surrounding land use
  • Aligning road safety and access, so we can all be working towards accessible safe cities.
  • Developing new measurement frameworks to shift from a focus on ‘efficiency’ to a focus on ‘accessibility’
  • Supporting a project to evolve the ONRC in urban areas

What are the pain points that relate to this panel topic?

  • Innovating ‘processes’ in the transport sector
  • Building social license for road space reallocation (eg. Carpark removal)
  • Integrating with land use planning and urban design to support ‘systems thinking’
  • Assessing ‘value’ in ‘value for money’ discussions