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Standard Safety Intervention Toolkit

Waka Kotahi has published an updated version of the Standard Safety Intervention toolkit.  This toolkit provides guidance for road safety practitioners on the effectiveness and value-for-money cost range of proven safety interventions to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Aotearoa roads.


Waka Kotahi are helping to embed Vision Zero in the transport system, and within the sector, through their updated Standard Safety Intervention toolkit. This is part of their delivery of Road to Zero.
Every year, crash analysis data gives a better picture on the effectiveness of road safety interventions in helping reduce harm on our roads. The toolkit has been updated with new interventions such as speed management and traffic calming measures, the inclusion of the One Network Framework and with fresh DSI reduction statistics.

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Download toolkit and application form

Standard safety intervention toolkit [PDF, 977 KB]

Streamlined investment pathway application form [DOCX, 513 KB]