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Seeking Feedback: M23 Specification & Guidelines for Road Safety Hardware

Waka Kotahi M23 is a specification document for road safety hardware, including road safety barriers.


M23 is being updated and Waka Kotahi are seeking feedback by 4 November, from Traffic Engineers or people working with safety hardware installations who use the specification.


The main changes to M23 from the previous 2009 are:


  • Change in hardware test protocol to MASH (from NCHRP 350)
  • Inclusion of guidance information from previous notes document and other guidance to make the document a useful resource without unnecessary of guidance located elsewhere
  • Inclusion of updated specifications and guidance that are already being used


Feedback on the Waka Kotahi M23 specification and guidelines for road safety hardware is due by Thursday 4 November 2021, and can be emailed directly to Joe Southey, Senior Traffic and Safety Engineer, Waka Kotahi.