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Request for information on prevalence coal tar


The working group is seeking a simple yes/no/short comment responses to the questions below.  Members are welcome to provide additional comments if they wish.


  1. Have RCA members encountered coal tar within the road corridors within their region?
  2. Is the presence of coal tar an issue they frequently encounter or only occasionally?
  3. Do you have any records or information (no need to provide this) on the occurrence and prevalence of coal tar in road corridors in their region/district?
  4. Do they perceive the presence of coal tar to be an issue that would benefit from a guidance document?
  5. If so what sort of guidance would be helpful? How to identify coal tar, management options, disposal options??


While report progress is due back to the working group by the 17th Nov, it is a soft deadline so members are welcome to take to the end of the month to respond (Nov 30th).

Your response can be sent to [email protected].