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Recently Published Waka Kotahi Research Report

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has recently published research report 680 Dynamic clustering and transport appraisal.

Research snapshot
Transport projects are increasingly used to transform places, rather than just to increase or improve transport links. One example is the ‘dynamic clustering’ (increased density) of businesses, residences and people in areas affected by the project, which should be included in its appraisal.


In this study, researchers assessed if, how, and how much transport interventions trigger dynamic clustering. The also investigated ways to assess the economic impact of dynamic clustering.

After reviewing the literature, the researchers developed an appraisal method and applied it to two case studies – the Waterview Tunnel in Auckland, New Zealand, and the Northern Line Extension, an Underground rail project in London.

They found that:

  • appraising dynamic clustering is important, complex and challenging
  • transport practitioners should be guided by the literature, which is insightful, vast and evolving
  • there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, and much depends on the specific context – a clear economic narrative for the project and some practical tools can be vital
  • it’s important to appraise projects rigorously, which often involves breaking new ground rather than using traditional techniques – if done properly, this helps ensure sound decisions for specific projects, while also developing best practice and trust
  • much further work and research needs to be done in this area.

Contracted organisation
NERA Economic Consulting

D Hanson, NERA, London
K Counsell, NERA, Wellington
S Cohen, NERA, London
T Delibasi, NERA, London
M Gatti, NERA, London

Further information and the research report available here.