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Huge milestone reached for the Asset Management Data Standard Programme

The first release of the standard is now available on the AMDS Website. This includes inventory along with maintenance faults and conditions.


Waka Kotahi will continue to receive feedback by email on the release of version 1.0 of the standard and will review and incorporate changes as part of Tranche 1 implementation, with updates to the release occurring every 4 months.


The standard continues to be developed, with future phases being released as identified below.


For new phases, these will be released as a candidate release and circulated for feedback. Waka Kotahi will continue with the four-week review cycle before incorporating feedback into the next release version.


Phases Completion Date

  • Maintenance Lifecycle – Costs & Activities August 2022
  • Forward Works Lifecycle January 2023
  • Demand January 2023
  • Network Model November 2022
  • Network Model – Phase 2 January 2023
  • Network Model – Phase 3 June 2023
  • 3D Geometry guidelines November 2022
  • Performance & Utilisation July 2023
  • Environmental Outcome Types February 2023