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Environmental Standard and Screen Review Consultation

The former Z/19 Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Standard and related ESR screen may be known to your organisation, as core resources stipulated in contract requirements for all Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency projects throughout project development, delivery and maintenance and operations. For many years, these resources have helped ensure Waka Kotahi has delivered great environmental, cultural and social outcomes on all its infrastructure projects.

The time has come to update these resources to better reflect the Government’s direction and our new strategic and policy frameworks focused on improving safety, providing real travel choices, supporting sustainable transport and reducing the impact travel has on our environment.

Over the past year they have reviewed and drafted:

Waka Kotahi would be grateful for feedback on these revised resources. They are particularly interested in your views around the implementability of these requirements and their ability to assist them in achieving better environmental and sustainability outcomes on transport projects nationally.

Please send your comments back to [email protected].  Consultation closes 6th August 2021.