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Bridge manual, 3rd edition, amendment 4


Key updates, the first two of which are the most significant, are:

  • evaluation of bridges and culverts amended with the introduction of updated evaluation live load models (reference vehicles and axle groups)
  • addendums added to make interim provisions where significant changes in seismic hazard from previous requirements have been identified through recent research
  • combination of load effects amended, generally creating revised and new load combinations using existing load factors
  • steel fatigue design amended with new load model and design procedures
  • footway loading amended to reduce excessive conservatism in some elements of the loading
  • waterway design provisions amended extensively with updated key reference documents
  • introduction to low-damage seismic design added
  • bridge barrier provisions for cyclists updated.

If you would like to review the draft documents and make a comment, or for information about the Bridge manual in general, please email [email protected] or get in touch with Nigel Lloyd ([email protected] or 021 729 341). Comments need to be provided before 7 April 2022.