References, guidelines & research

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We support or steer research and the development of guidance material through our working groups.  Guidelines and resource material has been developed on the management of stormwater and road run-offstock crossings and stock effluent spilled on roads from stock trucks.  The Active Modes Infrastructure Group has steered research on cycling markings and resources related to providing for walking and cycling.  The Research and Guidelines Steering Group has also worked to provide guidelines for members on sustainable herbicide management to avoid herbicide-resistant weeds becoming established, and is investigating a number of issues surrounding increasing uptake of mobility scooters.


The RCA Forum wants to identify best practice, particularly where local circumstances might necessitate variations or identify potential improvement.  Any proposal to include new, or major changes to currrent, reference documents in the Register of Network Standards and Guidelines will be notified to users and posted there.  Feedback from members is sought on any new or changed documents approved for consultation and comment by the Ratification Group.

Feedback should be provided to the Research and Guidelines Steering Group, which will consider the feedback and, if necessary, report to all members at a meeting of the RCA Forum, but otherwise it will report with a recommendation to the Ratification Group on adoption of the proposal as a Local Status document.


We also want to publicise research to encourage wider adoption and application of the recommendations and findings from research.  We provide a summary of recent NZTA research reports and other presentations and a short list of currently active research projects and recent projects completed as part of post-graduate or doctoral theses at Canterbury University School of Engineering that might be of use to members. 

The reference documents being developed by the RIMS Group Body of Knowledge project have been approved by the Ratification Group at its November 2013 meeting as providing Other Reference Documents, rather than Guidelines.  The Road Efficiency Group has listed several of these projects as case studies, and has also prepared a toolkit for working with the One Network Road Classification system.